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Chazz Michaels and Jimmy MacElroy ARE figure skating!
Big Brother: Blades of Glory Edition part 5 
2nd-Sep-2011 04:30 pm
Big Brother: Blades of Glory Edition part 5
(Note: This is a part that was missing for many moons. This story needed a lot of work obviously, but I am here to show you that the next and the other parts will be better polished.....now, on with the story.........)

(In the room, Jimmy was sobbing on the floor. In the doorway were Stranz and Fairchild. They were pleased at the fact that they have split up the friendship of Jimmy and Chazz and the love life of Jimmy and Katie.)

Fairchild:  (to the audience) Now, this is music to my ears. An angry Chazz and Katie and a crybaby Jimmy.

Stranz:  (to the audience) We have exposed Jimmy to have Katie see the sex-starved fruit he is. He'll screw anyone that asks him.

(Hector comes over, rubbing his bruises that Chazz gave him. Stranz and Fairchild give him a look of consternation, indicating that they needed something in return. Hector notices this.)

Hector: Ow, I am not going to be able to sit for a week....(seeing the Van Waldenbergs) Hello, (laughing nervously) am I missing anything here? Stop giving me that look, guys. Tell me what's up? 

Hector:  (to the audience) I don't like the look they are giving me....it's creeping me out.

Stranz: Hector, let's get to the point. It's time to pay back. We got you Jimmy. Now, you gotta give us the gun.

Hector: Gun? W-W-what gun?

Fairchild: The gun you used to kill Darren MacElory, stupid!

Hector: Oh, that? Well, why do you want to use that for?

Fairchild: That is not your concern. Just give us the gun, and I assure you, everything will be hunky-dory! Sound good?

(Hector, reluctantly, sighs in acceptance, and goes into Hector's room. Stranz and Fairchild follow. Not too far away, Jesse was watching the whole thing from his room.)

Jesse: (to the audience) That wretched Stranz and Fairchild! Those two set the whole thing up! They used Hector to lure Jimmy for sex! It was a trap the whole while!! And worse of all, they want to use Hector's gun!!! Ain't no telling what those jerks will use it for!!!


(Today, on Big Brother, we are in the living room, with Jesse and Chazz talking about the antecedent incident.)

Chazz: Jess, you expect me to believe that those two tools used that freaky obsessed R-tard, Hector to seduce Jimmy? I mean, you know how hard it is to buy all of that?

Jesse: Dude, you gotta believe me. I heard them talking while I was reading. Stranz and Fairchild set the whole thing up to humiliate Jimmy and you. You remember when those two set you and Katie up to humiliate Jimmy?

Chazz: You know what, Jess? That was then, not now. Now, if you'll excuse me....(gets a Colt 45) I'm am going to get hammered to drown away the annoying memories of this crap-headed she-male.(Chazz walks away, leaving Jesse helpless and powerless.)

Chazz: (to the audience) Oh, yeah, right! Like I'm really supposed to believe that this was a set-up! Jimmy is attracted to fruits like that! I know it! He's prone to sleep with ANYONE! And I mean, ANYONE!
(regaining his cocky composure) Not that I can talk.......(shows the camera a sexy woman in a wahine costume) I'd love to do this baby....oh, yeah.

(Meanwhile, Jimmy tried to no avail to speak his side of the story to Katie.)

Katie: Jimmy, how many times do I have to tell you, I don't want to talk!

Jimmy: Katie, you got to listen to me! This wasn't my fault! Hector was the one who tricked me-------

Katie: I don't care, Jimmy! I don't care, okay? You know what, why don't you love the one you're with? Let me know when you hobos get married, okay? (She furiously walks away.)

Katie: (to the audience, tearfully) It's over! I don't care what Jimmy is trying to tell me! It's over! I've had it! If Hector's who he wants, then, he's welcome to him! (She runs away crying.)

Jimmy: (to the audience, tearfully) Katie won't listen to me! She says that she and I are over. Here's the torn up pictures of me and Katie....(shows the audience the split up picture of Katie and Jimmy) She and I were so cute together......she and I shared a special kiss.....well, it wasn't a perfect one, but it was special nonetheless.

(At 12:00 in the afternoon, we see Stranz laying on his polar bear rug. Soon, as Jimmy comes over, Stranz tripped him. Jimmy rubbed his head.)

Jimmy: Ow, that hurt!

Stranz: (cynically) Oh, was I in the way, peacock-man?

Jimmy: That wasn't funny, Stranz. You hurt my beautiful, porcelain skin.

Stranz: Oh, suck it up, MacDuff!

Jimmy: It's MacElroy.

Stranz: Whatever. It's a weird surname anyhow. So, how was your date with Hector?

(Jimmy stopped, shocked.)

Jimmy: What do you know about Hector and I?

Stranz: Oh, nothing....just coaxed Hector in to flirting with you to split you up with Chazz and Katie.....oooh, did I say that aloud?

Jimmy: Stranz....you had a hand in this?

Stranz: Oh, certainly, I can't take all of the credit. Fairchild helped me too.

Jimmy: I am going to tell Katie and Chazz about this!

Stranz: I really wouldn't do that if I were you....not unless you want to dig Chazz's grave.

(Jimmy looked scared.)

Stranz: It is your call, Masterson. Either keep your mouth shut, or good bye, Chazz!
(He walks away superiorly.)

Jimmy: It's MacElroy!!!!!!!!!

(a commercial break ensues, ending the show with Jesse)

Jesse: I knew it was Stranz and Fairchild! I KNEW it! Somebody's got to bring that issue to the light. I'm-a do it next story if Jimmy won't. You can believe that!

To Be Continued Next Post.....

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