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Kick Some Ice
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What is this community for?
Well, if it's not already painfully obvious, this community is a gathering place for the fans of the film, "Blades of Glory". But, there's no discrimination if you're simply a fan of one of the actors in aforementioned film.

Feel free to post anything in relation to the film or the actors in the film. Whether news, icons, pictures/stills, fanart, fanfiction (het and slash alike!), screencaps, fanmixes, or other awesome things of the like in regards to this film. (Could I have written "film" any more times?)

Why was this community created?
Because, right after mugglerock saw Blades of Glory, she came straight home, logged onto livejournal and went on the hunt for a BoG icon to absolutely NO AVAIL. She felt she needed to remedy that... Not to mention the fact that the film kicks serious ice and deserves it's own place in the world of eljay communities!

What are the restrictions and rules in regards posting?
1. Thou shalt not ignore the need for livejournal cuts.

All I ask is any large posts, fanfiction posts over 100 words, screencap posts, icon posts that exceed five, etc., are placed behind a cut. (Simplified: < lj-cut > without the spaces)

2. Thou shalt give proper warning for porn or possible squicks.

With fanart & fanfiction (and really anything that COULD be rated), please make sure if it's rated R or higher that you state as such, place it behind an lj-cut, and give the appropriate NWS warnings. If your content is NC-17/MA/not work safe it MUST be locked to members of the community, containt appropriate warnings, and the content should be behind a cut. Failure to follow this rule will result in the deletion of the post and could lead to your removal from this community.

3. Thou shalt not make pointless posts.

What is and is not permitted for posting is pretty general. Informative and/or creative posts about the film or the actors is cool. Please use your best judgment and don't make us play the BIGBADMOD. You will be warned at least once, then depending on the severity and response we get from you, we reserve the right to delete posts without warning.

4. Thou shalt not flame.

The only flames we want to see are the ones on Chazz's outfits. Other than that? We'll have to throw down, cuz homie don't play that. Hey, man. It's all love. It just so happens that some is gayer and more sparkly than others...

This community is in no way affiliated with any of the filmmakers or actors of this film.

A percentage of the content in this community is for adults only. This means rated R or higher. If you are underage for wherever you may live, do NOT view or post content of this nature. You were warned and advised.

How do I find a certain entry?

We tag all of our entries. You can find our tags on the community's sidebar.


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The Current Going-Ons of the Community:
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Mods: This comm was created by the wonderful mugglerock and is currently moderated by kittehkat, enigmalea and severity_softly (if needed).

Any questions: email blades_of_glory@livejournal.com will forward to all the mods, or you can email them individualy (username@livejournal.com).

And there we have it. Welcome to the first livejournal community for Blades of Glory!